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OECD iLibrary is the global knowledge base for OECD’s data and analysis. It contains all books and papers published since 1998 – as well as a vast collection of statistics, with data going back to the early 1960s and more than 80 countries are covered. We have digitized the back catalogue of several key titles from our archive such as the OECD Economic Outlook from 1967, the OECD Economic Surveys from 1961, the OECD Observer issues from 1962 and ECMT Round Tables from early 1960s.

Users can search and click directly to chapters, articles, books, tables, databases, etc. These content items are available in different formats and languages. As one of the most comprehensive online resources on the world economy, society, education and environment, OECD iLibrary is a powerful tool for people working at academic institutions, in the private sector and at governmental or non-governmental organisations.

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OECD iLibrary provides online access to all publications and statistics, released since 1998 from OECD, as well as publications and statistics from IEA (International Energy Agency), NEA (Nuclear Energy Agency), OECD Development Centre and ITF (International Transport Forum).

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